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Our History

Connect Bank was chartered in 1925, a $156,272.43 institution. Over the last eighty-seven years, the bank has amassed assets of approximately one hundred and four million dollars, including a new main office in Star City and four other branches in Dumas, Pine Bluff, White Hall and Watson Chapel.

According to the History Committee’s The History of Lincoln County, the first stockholders meeting of record was on April 8, 1925, with the first Board of Directors meeting on May 4, 1925 consisting of A.B. Banks, J.L. Putney, W.A. Trussell, C.K. Nichols, J.D. Cogbill and A.J. Johnson. This board elected A.B. Banks President, J.L. Putney Vice President, W.R. Alsobrook Cashier and A.J. Johnson Secretary of the Board.

W.R. Alsobrook purchased the entire interest of A.B. Banks in Connect Bank and Mr. Alsobrook was promptly elected President at Board meeting dated November 29, 1930.

On October 7, 1931 (Board of Directors Meeting) the entire board urged all members to use their best efforts to assist officer in making collections (any possible). November 4, 1931, (Board of Directors Meeting) the urgent need of collections was expressed by the Directors.

June 8, 1932, Connect Bank reported $240,611.93 in total resources. Stockholders Meeting, January 10, 1933: Motion was made by Mr. C.E. Fish, seconded by Mr. G.D. Smith and voted to elect Mrs. J.L. Putney in place of her late husband, J.L. Putney, deceased.

Directors Meeting October 11, 1933: Plan of Government Insurance was discussed and Bank instructed to file application for same.

Board of Directors August 7, 1935 meeting: Voted to open tellers window in Gould, Arkansas and upon determination that it would not pay, to be moved back to Star City.

Regular meeting of Directors for the month of March was delayed until April regular meeting date on account of Bank Holiday. April 4, 1933. Stockholders meeting January 14, 1936: Motion was made by W.A. Trussell and seconded by C.E. Fish that nine Directors be elected for the ensuing year as follows: Mrs. J.L. Putney, A.J.Johnson, C.K. Nichols, W.A. Trussell, J.D. Cogbill, C.E. Fish, G.D. Smith, W.R. Alsobrook and Paul Offutt. W.R. Alsobrook sold his interest on July 11, 1969. Robert O. Trout was elected President on September 13, 1969. Bennie Ryburn, Jr. bought control of the bank on August 17, 1982, and became President and Chief Executive Officer.

[Connect Bank would like to express sincere gratitude to the History Committee for the above information.]

Our Board

Marion Ryburn, Chairperson
Keith Griffin, Co-Chairperson
Dana Bennett, Secretary 
R. Mark Owen, Treasurer ( COO)
Kevin White, Director
Barry Wood, Director
Britt Burris, Director